We believe in open innovation.

Why Holland Innovative?

Open innovation is the keyword to new successes. It is about meeting, sharing, connecting, and achieving results that matter. We use the knowledge and network that we develop to accelerate our customers' innovations.
Challenging projects put customers and experts on edge. Our experts have the ambition to do things differently, better. Optimizing products, services or processes in the High Tech, Energy, Mobility, AgroTech and MedTech industries.


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Aiming to elevate the knowledge level of our clients.

Within our fields of expertise: product and process development, project management, medical device development and reliability engineering.

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Our experience and excellence in the execution of our projects can be valuable tools to help you further in your personal development and in the growth of your company.

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Ready to take on the next challenge.

Together with you, we face the challenge to shape the future and take further steps towards value creation and social impact.

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