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In a time of digitisation our aim is to guide our customers towards fact-based solutions based on proven methodologies. Armed with extensive experience and our track record in statistics and Design for Six Sigma we integrate and adapt the ‘new’ methodology of data science into the design process for new product introductions and continuous product improvement. 

Our data analytics approach supports our customers during the whole product life cycle, from ideation to market introduction and field improvements. 

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Essentials in setting up the right data analytics approach

Is your team experienced in taking fact-based decisions instead of relying on instinct or trial and error?

Do you have a lot of data, but don’t know how to use or derive value from your data? 

Do you often face technical issues popping up late in the development process, forcing you to resort to quick fixes? 

Do you want to know which data is useful in your product development process?

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“We see that organizations where program managers and engineers know how to make the translation to integrate data science into their product and process developments, are creating important innovations in existing products.”

Jeroen de Mast

Scientific Director - Holland Innovative

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“If you dig a little deeper and utilize data science principles on reliability data, failure data, physics-of-failure data, and performance data, a lot more information and knowledge can be gained on products. Data science enables reliability to go from reactive-fact-based to reliability 2.0, which is predictive-data-driven.”

Elly van den Bliek

Sr Reliability & Functional Safety Expert

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