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Are you looking to develop a safe medical device which is reliable and meets the requirements of both regulations and customers? And do you need to accomplish this within time and budget deadlines?  

Our integration of reliability, design for six sigma, regulatory and project management in medical device development has made us a uniquely qualified competence center for medical device development.

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How our MedTech experts can contribute to your organization:

Holland Innovative (HI) can assist you in your medical product development journey. Our experts have many years of in-depth experience in medical product development, having worked at multinational medical companies, SME’s and MedTech start-ups. Each individual HI team member has a strong background in physics, electronics, software, mathematics, technical medicine and biomedical engineering. Our integration of Reliability, Design for Six Sigma, Regulatory and Project Management in medical device development has made HI a uniquely qualified competence center for medical device development. We know it takes the combination of technical knowledge, business understanding and soft skills to move forward together.

We’re more than ready to help identify your project and/or personal needs. By mapping out the development process we show how the competence areas of Regulatory, Reliability, Design for Six Sigma and Project Management are working together to successfully complete the design of your medical device.

The following questions are crucial in the success of the development process of your medical product:

  • Are you aware of all applicable regulations and standards?
  • Is your team well trained in these aspects? Do you need to bring your medical engineering team to a higher competence level?
  • Do you have a clear project timeline showing the correlation of all project competences, activities and deliverables?
  • Are Safety Risk Management, Usability Engineering and Clinical Evaluation in place?
  • Is your product developed in a structured and well documented way? According to the requirements of Quality Management Systems?
  • Is your team experienced in medical product development using the unique combination of Regulatory, Reliability, Design for Six Sigma, Data Analytics and Project Management?

Example projects in medical device development

By combining our knowledge of reliability engineering with our experience in project management our client was able to successfully develop a novel product on the mammography market.

We assisted the development of an MRI coil by focusing on critical customer need, resulting in an optimal design flexible enough to use in all applications.

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In order to put good and safe products on the market, it is necessary to plan certain activities in time during the design and production process.

Lisette van Steinvoren - Stamsnijder

Competence Lead MedTech & Sr Project Manager Medical

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Our experience and excellence in the execution of our projects can be valuable tools to help you further in your personal development and in the growth of your company.

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