Improve the development of robust designs and reduce errors in the process

Defining the criteria for quality, costs, and deadlines for each step to achieve the desired results is the minimum required of a Product and Process development professional. We offer the combination of technical knowledge, business understanding, and soft skills to move your career path to the next level.

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Develop your product & process development competences.


To reduce variation in the entire process

Avoid face technical issues popping up late in the development process, forcing you to resort to quick fixes, saving time and money for your product launch.
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Quickly identify the market's needs

Figure out if your team is well trained in fact-based, value-driven product development and can recognize which data is useful in your product development process.
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Knowledge of the best available methodologies

Understand and safely apply the main methodologies used in the market, whether they are DMAIC, DIDOV, or CRISP-DM.
When is something good enough? When can you release processes or products? To be able to judge that, you need predefined criteria. An additional advantage if you have such criteria is that everyone speaks the same language, which enables you to reach solutions and take steps more quickly.

Loek Geelen

Sr Product & Process Specialist

Product and Process Development

What we believe works.

In 15+ years of practice, we have generated a clear vision of what competences are needed in different business environments and job roles.

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