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The goal of Reliability Engineering is to achieve products with a predictable life span and defined maintenance intervals and warranty periods with the help of data analytics and artificial intelligence. It’s a discipline that needs to be applied integrally during the whole product lifecycle. Investing in Reliability Engineering minimizes errors, lowers warranty costs, reduces the number of recalls and contributes positively to the image of your product and company. Defining your product's reliability is definitely a big return on your investment.



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What our reliability engineers can do for your company:

Do you ever get one of the following questions when developing a new product or process?

  • Do you ever wonder how reliable your product will be once it is launched in the market?
  • Do you want to know how a good test plan is developed and how your product can be validated in the right way?
  • Do you know how many products you need to test to bring it to the market safely? (within a defined confidence margin)
  • Do you want to know how you can discover unknown physical defects in your product?
  • Are you curious about how to predict the number of expected defects?
  • Are you dealing with high warranty costs or limited profits from your service contract?
  • Are you dealing with claims or recalls due to ongoing reliability problems in the field?
  • Do you want to know how to install a system that makes error reports and analysis?
  • Do you strive to make a reliable product according to the ‘first time right’ principle?
  • Do you want to know how data science and artificial intelligence can support a good reliability strategy?

Together with our clients, we determine how the best result can be achieved with complex reliability cases, with a focus on what is feasible for the relevant product and organization.

We can help with mapping your organisation and finding out which chances and opportunities exist to accelerate your learning curve in reliability engineering.

When to call us.

Our experts have many years of in-depth experience in reliability engineering. Working with your professionals or serving as your reliability expert, they support the project team in the engineering, testing and validation phases. They have a well-developed understanding of your business environment, corporate culture and substantive challenges. We believe it takes the combination of technical knowledge, business understanding and soft skills to move forward together with our clients.

We can help you map your chances and opportunities in the field of Reliability Engineering:

“Every reliability issue requires a customized approach. It depends on the phase in which the product currently is.”

Coen Smits

Scientific Director Reliability - Holland Innovative

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