People mainly look at quality when solving problems. Very important, of course, but for the long term it is much more about reliability than purely about quality.

Ronald Schop

Sr. Director Reliability - Holland Innovative

Specifics on reliability engineering

The goal of Reliability Engineering is to achieving products with a predictable life span, defined maintenance intervals and warranty periods with the help of data analytics and artificial intelligence. It’s a discipline that needs to be applied integrally during the whole product lifecycle. Defining your product's reliability is definitely a big return on your investment. 

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Investing in reliability engineering will minimize failures.

Investing in reliability engineering will lower warranty costs.

Investing in reliability engineering will reduce recalls.

Investing in reliability engineering will contribute positively to your product and company image.

We are convinced we can take on the challenges in reliability engineering with you.

Elly van den Bliek
“Understanding product performance is key. It helps to predict the lifespan of a product and how it could fail. Getting a grip on possible malfunctioning will help prevent failure and reduce the probability of a faulty product altogether.”

Elly van den Bliek

Senior Reliability & Functional Safety Expert at HI

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