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Do you want to develop a robust design for a product or process that meets the requirements of both customers and business? And do you want to develop this product according to the "first time right" principle? Do you want to shorten the time-to-market of your innovation? Resolve issues in a structured way and faster? Identify risks at an early stage?

Through our integration of (design for) six sigma, data science, reliability, root cause analysis, and project management methodologies, HI has grown into a highly experienced competence center for both the development and the continous improvement of products and processes. 


What our six sigma and data science professionals can do for you business:

Holland Innovative (HI) can help you in the development process of your product or process. Our experts have many years of experience in product and process development. They have worked for large industrial companies, both multinationals and SMEs, and for start-ups. HI professionals have a background in physics, mechanical engineering, electronics, chemical engineering, software, and mathematics. Through our integration of Design for Six Sigma, Data Science, Root Cause Analysis, and Project Management, HI has become a highly knowlegdeable competency center for both the development and continuous improvement of products and processes.

The following questions are critical in the development process of your product or process: 

  • Is your team experienced in making decisions based on facts rather than gut feeling or 'trial and error'?
  • Does your product meet the required specification at the end of the development process?
  • Are the appropriate (acceptance) tests defined in time to release the product in accordance with specifications? 
  • Do you regularly encounter technical problems that pop up late in the development process, causing you to spend a lot of time 'firefighting'?
  • What is the capability of your processes? Are you satisfied with the capability or do you have too much downtime and would you like to increase it?
  • What is the measurement system accuracy of your systems? Can you measure with the right accuracy and repeatability?
  • What risks have you identified in your product or process development and have they been mitigated at market launch?
  • Does your organization have a lot of data, but doesn't know how to use it or get value from it?
  • Are you late or unable to identify risks, leading to unnecessary extra work, delays, or a risky product launch?
  • Do you want to know what data is useful in your product development process?
  • Do you suffer from too much variation in production or a lack of clarity about process capabilities?
  • Are you interested in what data can tell you about how the customer experiences and uses your new product?
  • Do you ever experience that production processes are not sufficiently understood to achieve optimal settings?
  • Are SOPs, OCAPs, Control Charts, SPC, .. in place and are your processes 'defined'?
  • Is your team well trained in fact-based, value-driven product development? Would you like to take your team to a higher level of competence? 

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Sjoerd de Vries
“To come out better than where you started. That's what I strive for in my work for clients. That's where my knowledge of Data Science and six sigma come in handy. For me, the two are a golden combination. ”

Sjoerd de Vries

Sr Product & Process Specialist

job van de sande
“It is very important to our customers that we speak the same universal six sigma language. We see that customers take us seriously as a sparring partner. They come to us with more complex issues. Thanks to the tremendous strides we have made in recent years with our team and the team at HI.”

Job van de Sande

Head of Engineering - ERIKS

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