HI-PM1 Project Management Masterclass

Dealing with changes in an agile way: initiate changes that benefit you.

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With this Masterclass you’ll learn:

  • The power of action. How you take control, surprise your environment and create the ultimate feeling of “smooth sailing”
  • How to integrate project management with system engineering and other methods
  • How to integrate project management in your own work processes and how to make sure you actually do so

Teaching professionals.

Ir. Roel Wessels

Ir. Roel Wessels

Scientific Director Project Management & Technology
As an experienced project manager, physicist and musician, Roel Wessels gives focus on reducing complexity and connecting people, methods and ways of thinking. Besides that, the main goal is to make project management fun (again) for the project manager, team members and environment.
Dr. Martijn Dekker

Dr. Martijn Dekker

Sr. Project Management Expert
Martijn has over 20 years of experience in both leadership and project management in an innovation environment. He is specialized in identifying the value of innovations with the end-user in mind and enjoys sharing his knowledge and experience in the Project management Masterclass.

Course information

  • Hybrid
  • 4 modules of 1 day


The investment is €3.450 (excl. VAT) per participant.  

Included are four training days, extensive course material including the book “The Complete Project Manager”, daily lunch and drinks. 

About the Project Management Masterclass.

More and more is expected from a project manager. Challenging goals, different interest of stakeholders and many dependencies between sub-projects ensure increasing complexity. Having project management skills has become important on all levels in the organization.  

The Masterclass Project Management focusses not only on theoretical knowledge, but also on the application of the daily practice. The goal is to be able to agile deal with changes.   

But the bar is being raised even higher. Next to agility, it teaches project managers how to initiate changes that benefit themselves. Hereby you will achieve effective and proactive behavior.

Course: Project Management Masterclass.


The Masterclass Project Management prepares you for the IPMA ICB4 (International Competence Baseline) exam, the international standard for project management competences. A valuable addition to this masterclass is the link to the Product Creation Process. 


Therefore, it is especially suitable for people who work in product or process development. It is for those who want to understand how project management is applied in combination with system engineering, quality management, process improvement, supply chain management, six sigma and failure mode & effects analysis. 

Project Management Masterclass

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What you’ll learn.

Block 1 - day 1/2

What you'll learn on day 1 and day 2 of the course

Day 1

The mindset of the influencing project manager

  • The power of action and taking initiative
  • The V-model, Agile work and the product creation process
  • The project preparation and stakeholder management

Day 2

Leadership and other behavioural competences

  • The project organization
  • Factor 10 behaviour, communication and teamwork
  • Situational leadership, motivation and involvement

Block 2 - day 3/4

What you'll learn on day 3 and day 4 of the course

Day 3

Making a plan as a thinker and doer

  • The 10 steps of the planning process (including Scrum)
  • Project composition, structuring and estimating
  • Workshop ‘PBS, Design for X and the critical parameter’

Day 4

Project execution and control; heartbeat!

  • Planning tips and tricks: the tool must help you!
  • Heartbeat and the blind finch
  • Project implementation in practice
  • Change management

Practical information.

For whom

The Masterclass Project Management is intended for a project manager, system engineer, buyer, lead engineer, supply chain manager and anyone else who wants to work on personal leadership, project management skills and environmental management. The Masterclass is also accessible and suitable for people without a technical background. 


After completing the full training, you receive proof of participation.  

After the Project Management Masterclass with the accompanying self-study, you are ready for the theory exam. The IPMA C theory exam takes 3 hours and consists of only open questions. After passing the theory exam you will receive the IPMA C theory partial certificate. 

From the moment you have booked the IPMA C theory exam, you have 18 months to successfully complete the assessment. The following guidance steps are crucial in this: 

Step 1: Intake based on your experience documents. 
Step 2: Guidance in drawing up the management summary and your self-assessment. 
Step 3: 2x Feedback round 
Step 4: Preparation for the IPMA C assessment interview 

Location & Dates

Eindhoven – High Tech Campus 29 
Enschede –  Hengelosestraat 500 (Building The Gallery) 
Dates 2022
Location: Eindhoven 
Session I (Dutch)
Day 1: March 15
Day 2: April 05 
Day 3: April 19 
Day 4: May 12 

Session II (English)
Day 1: May 17
Day 2: June 07 
Day 3: June 21 
Day 4: July 05 

Location: Enschede 
Session I (Dutch)
Day 1: September 08
Day 2: September 29 
Day 3: October 20 
Day 4: November 03 

Group size 

A maximum of 10 participants 

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