Transform critical requirements for your medical device into a relevant product

Become an expert in medical product development using the unique combination of regulatory, reliability, design for six sigma, data analytics and project management.

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Develop your medtech competences.

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Quality management systems

Learn how to set up a complete ISO13485 compatible quality management system from scratch, extend an ISO9001 system or complete gap analyses.
HI way of working

Regulatory requirements

Easily create the technical documentation for your medical device, from drafting requirements to clinical evaluation.
Holland Innovative summer academy - Fundamentals for Medical Device Development 2-1-1

Medical design for six sigma and data analytics

By applying proper statistical analysis, ensure that your verification and validation results are reliable and useful.
The MedTech courses offered by Holland Innovative are a good representation of our belief that a pragmatic and comprehensive approach in this sector yields the best results.

Lisette van Steinvoren - Stamsnijder

Competence Lead MedTech - Holland Innovative

What we believe works.

In 15+ years of practice, we have generated a clear vision of what competences are needed in different business environments and job roles.

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