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Why Holland Innovative?

Holland Innovative is a knowledge center in product & process development. With a team of experts and a strong network, we are continuously supporting our customers in challenging projects based on our competencies in project management, data analytics, reliability engineering, root cause analysis, and quality & regulations.
We believe in open innovation. Open innovation is our keyword to new successes. Our definition of open innovation is meeting, sharing, and connecting. Together we achieve results that matter. With our network, we easily have access to up-to-date knowledge to be able to accelerate our customers' innovations. That is why we continuously build and contribute to the development of eco-systems. 
Challenging projects put customers and experts on edge. Our experts have the ambition to do things differently, better. The voice of the customer is the basis for all our projects. Together with our customers, we are looking for the best solutions, our credo: "there is always a solution".
We deliver competencies for developing and optimizing products, services, or processes in the High Tech, Energy, Mobility, AgroTech, and MedTech industries.
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HI market-competence model

What connects these markets is the need to do things differently and better and to continuously innovate. The complexity in these markets has increased significantly, and companies are dealing with major challenges, such as digitization, the growing need for sustainable and circular solutions, and the energy transition.

Holland Innovative strives to work with the customers to adapt to these transitions. This can be done by both product development and/or optimizing their processes, leading to stimulating innovative power and realizing higher customer satisfaction.

We share our competencies with our HI Academy. We believe that the combination of training, coaching-on-the-job, and executing projects will have the maximum involvement and deliver the biggest impact to our customers.

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HI involvement-impact model

Aiming to elevate the knowledge level of our clients.

Within our fields of expertise: product and process development, project management, medical device development and reliability engineering.

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Ready to take on the next challenge.

Together with you, we face the challenge to shape the future and take further steps towards value creation and social impact.

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