Through training courses we share our knowledge about project management, product and process development, reliability and data science. We always try to connect to practical reality so that the transfer of knowledge is better able to take root.

All of our courses are available  in-company; tailor-made, to fully meet the needs and the strategy of your organization. Our experienced professionals can identify areas for personal growth and defining a clear plan to reach your full potential.


Tailor it to your own needs.

Holland Innovative summer academy - Six Sigma Green Belt 2-1-1

Experienced instructors

Our instructors have know-how in notable companies, a broad knowledge of business environments and company cultures and a solid technical and academic background.

Theory & practice

At Holland Innovative, we believe it is very important to link our dynamic courses to practical experience. If preferred, your own cases and data can be discussed during the tailor-made training.


Together with recognized institutes such as IBIS University Amsterdam, University of Stuttgart, and Delft University of Technology, we offer courses and certification.

New at Holland Innovative: Blended Learning

Blended learning offers numerous advantages for in-company training, combining the flexibility of online education with the personal touch of traditional face-to-face methods. This approach allows employees to learn at their own pace and on their own schedules, making it easier to balance training with work responsibilities. Holland Innovative’s in-company trainings further enhance this by leveraging cutting-edge technology and tailored content to meet specific organizational needs, ensuring a highly relevant and impactful learning experience. Additionally, it enables a more personalized learning experience, as trainers can offer targeted support where needed. Overall, it promotes a more engaging and effective training environment that can lead to better retention of information and more practical skill application in the workplace. Learn more about the possibilities in the video below, and feel free to contact us about the possibilities for your organization.
We decided to do the training in-company so that we could tailor it to what we needed. Our needs are quite unique, there are not many companies that do what we do. That's when it's useful that training can be easily customized.

Geert Jakobs


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