Define the reliability of your product with the most modern techniques.

Achieve products with a predictable life span, defined maintenance intervals and warranty periods with the help of data analytics and artificial intelligence. 

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Develop your reliability competences.

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Reliability requirement setting

Create clear, unambiguous and proper measurable Reliability requirements based on your customer and company targets on system level.
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Reliability validation test plan

Select the best testing option for your design, based on risk analysis and the Physics of Failure pertaining to the failure mode.

Failure data analysis

Weibull Reliability Engineering helps to define the minimally proven reliability by the test or field results, even if failure numbers are very low.
Predicting reliability is essential both for increasing your market and preventing you from losing market.

Elly van den Bliek

Competence lead Reliability - Holland Innovative

Reliability Engineering

What we believe works.

In 15+ years of practice, we have generated a clear vision of what competences are needed in different business environments and job roles.

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