As an interim project manager, I am temporarily at the helm. In this way I help to keep the overview, even in a period of stress and time pressure. Because keeping a grip on a project is the key to success.

Wim Schouten

Sr Project Manager - Holland Innovative

''In my role as interim manager, I reflect on the behavior and personalities within the team, and adapt my management style to the team.''

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Professionals for Project Management

Our experts are trained to observe and identify your challenges from a fresh perspective, finding the best solution for your specific situation. In our vision, project managers must therefore be versed in multiple disciplines. Holland Innovative project managers are trained in reliability, root cause analysis, data-analysis and system engineering. 
We strive to make a real and permanent impact. The complexity of your challenge and the dynamics of both the organization and the market require impactful solutions. Whether it’s a training, project management support or coaching on the job, we team up to share our knowledge for long term innovation success. 


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With over 20 years of experience Holland Innovative's project managers are able to manage multi-disciplinary project teams effectively. They possess a thorough understanding of business environments, company culture and substantive areas like system engineering and reliability.  
We have learned that a combined approach of training, coaching and project participation increases involvement and accelerates impact. Curious about the impact for you or your organization? 
Roel Wessels
“Not only the team, but also each team member should be able to be self-managing, even in difficult circumstances.”

Roel Wessels

Scientific Director Project Management & Technology

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