When is something good enough? When can you release processes or products? To be able to judge that, you need predefined criteria. An additional advantage if you have such criteria is that everyone speaks the same language, which enables you to reach solutions and take steps more quickly.

Loek Geelen

Sr Product and Process Specialist

Professionals for Product and Process Development


Our experts bring a keen vision to assist you in all stages of product development. Being trained in observing and identifying your challenges from a fresh perspective, finding the best solution for your specific situation. Holland Innovative professionals rely on a background in mechanical engineering and expertise in Green Belt, Master Black Belt, Lean and Six Sigma.

We strive to make an impact, and a permanent one at that. The complexity of your challenge and the dynamics of both the organization and the market require impactful solutions. Whether it’s a training, project management support or coaching on the job, we team up to share our knowledge for long term innovation success.


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External expertise can

Support the development of robust products and processes and reduce variation throughout the way.

Reduce your cost of non-quality and the impact of this action on your projects.

Show how a series of dedicated experiments can quickly make a complex problem manageable.

Support your professionals or serve as your product & process development expert.

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Each individual HI team member has a strong background in data science, mechanical, reliability and system engineering combined with expertise in Green Belt, Master Black Belt, Lean, Six Sigma and CoNQ-problems.   
We have learned that a combined approach of training, coaching and project participation increases involvement and accelerates impact. Curious about the impact for you or your organization? 

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Our experience and excellence in the execution of our projects can help you to go further in your personal development and in the growth of your business.

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Ready to take on the next challenge.

Together with you, we face the challenge to share the future and take further steps towards value creation and social impact. 

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