Specifics on Six Sigma

What is six sigma and more important how can six sigma help your organization?  

Using the methodology of six sigma might help you to reduce time to market, solve problems on a structured way, solve problems faster, identify risk early or increase your market competitiveness. This is only a small selection of benefits you might achieve using six sigma in your organization.


Are you struggling that

Your product is not meeting required specification at end of development process?

Technical issues popping up late in the development process causing firefighting?

Issues in your organization are not solved through a structured approach? 

Manufacturing processes insufficiently understood to drive optimized setting?

What we can do.

Let's talk about the specifics.

Sjoerd de Vries
“To come out better than where you started. That's what I strive for in my work for clients. That's where my knowledge of Data Science and six sigma come in handy. For me, the two are a golden combination. ”

Sjoerd de Vries

Sr Product & Process Specialist

job van de sande
“It is very important to our customers that we speak the same universal six sigma language. We see that customers take us seriously as a sparring partner. They come to us with more complex issues. Thanks to the tremendous strides we have made in recent years with our team and the team at HI.”

Job van de Sande

Head of Engineering - ERIKS

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