People mainly look at quality when solving problems. Very important, of course, but for the long term it is much more about reliability than purely about quality.

Ronald Schop

Reliability Specialist - Holland Innovative

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Most people and organizations are focused on the fast delivery of a well-functioning product, rather than investigating how and when a defect or failure could occur or how to extend or modify the lifespan of a product. Supplier contracts rarely contain reliability requirements, which means that investments are only made when failures occur, but at significantly higher costs.

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Long term effect of Reliability Engineering investment

Investing in reliability engineering will minimize failures.

Investing in reliability engineering will lower warranty costs.

Investing in reliability engineering will reduce recalls.

Investing in reliability engineering will contribute positively to your product and company image.

We are convinced we can take on the challenges in reliability engineering with you.

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“Companies are trading off the reliability of their products with recalls and warranties.”

Prof Michael Pecht

University of Maryland, Director CALCE (Center for Advanced Life Cycle Engineering)

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