Develop your skills to become a highly effective Project Manager

More than controlling a project with a strong focus on the present, a great project manager - connected with the most modern practices in the market - knows that it is necessary to switch situationally between different departments to achieve its goal. Therefore, our approach is to show professionals from the most diverse fields how to grow their careers in this area of expertise.

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Become a multi-disciplined project manager.

Holland Innovative summer academy - Fundamentals for Medical Device Development 2-1-1

Project Management

Learn the essence and application of project management and agile leadership. Be able to lead transitions and achieve focus, structure, and direction.
HI Medtech


Get the expertise to create clear, unambiguous, and proper measurable verification and validation analyses in this growing industry.
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Data Analysis

Next to learning to effectively apply the CRISP-DM model in order to structure data science projects, learn about personal leadership and managing a data science project.
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Reliability Engineering

Improve your ability in making in-depth reliability analysis based on warranty, test, or field data, to predict and eliminate early life failures or to refine and optimize system operation.

System Engineering

Amplify systems thinking and master the complexity of system engineering.

Product & Process Development

Be able to develop products reliable enough to reach the market quickly, meeting customer expectations and needs with a structured approach.

Courses for Project Managers

Our know-how can improve your career development.

Our commitment is to generate a clear vision of what are the needs in different business environments and job roles to move forward together in the career development process.

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