HI-PM5 Advanced Leadership Program

Develop your leadership and process improvement skills, in any organisation or industry!

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With this course you’ll learn:

  • To master new leadership techniques and refine old skills to run your
  • To turn challenges into concrete actions by managing organizational changes, culture, structure, and political fields 
  • To make an impact on reaching business goals.

Teaching professionals.

Karel Kalma

Karel Kalma

Sr. Project Manager
Karel is an analytical professional with a hands-on mentality. He is well organized, result and fact driven and shows leadership in every project. An experienced project manager at multinationals that operate globally. He adds knowledge of quality methodologies (FMEA, 8D, Six Sigma Green belt) to his project management skills. As trainer of the Project management Masterclass he inspires and motivates participants in bringing heartbeat into their projects
Marcel Logger

Marcel Logger

Sr. Product Process Specialist & Master Black Belt
Master Black Belt in Lean Six Sigma and Design for Six Sigma with a background in manufacturing, service, and logistics.
Dr. Ir. Coen Smits

Dr. Ir. Coen Smits

Reliability Specialist
He has been with Holland Innovative for over 10 years as a reliability specialist with assignments in many high tech and automotive organizations. He holds a Ph.D. in Applied Physics from the Eindhoven University of Technology.
Evert-Jan van Donkelaar

Evert-Jan van Donkelaar

Sr. Manager
Evert-Jan van Donkelaar has a focus on output and an eye for the broader perspective. Being responsible for R&D in the hectic Automotive business environment learned him how to adapt an organization to changing business circumstances.

Course information

  • Eindhoven
  • 3 modules of 2 days
  • 11-12/10, 6-7/11, 27-28/11


The investment is € 4.950,- (ex. VAT) per participant, including course materials, lunch, and refreshments. 

For candidates who fulfill the certification requirements, certification to MBB is included in the price. 

About the Advanced Leadership Program.

You have a higher education and you’re an expert in your field. Now, you’re ready to take the next step in a leadership or management position. Maybe you want to start a new program in your own department, or you have to start an important change program, or you simply aspire to a managerial position. This training will show you how to approach the challenges ahead. With a combination of both strategic and practical tools, this training will show you how to turn your next programs into successes.

Solution-rich program built around four themes  

This masterclass is a specialized program designed to help you learn new leadership techniques and refine old skills to run your team, including assertive communication, motivation methods, and coaching. The training is built around these 4 themes: Purpose, People, Process & Politics

This masterclass combines theory with practical examples to give you the tools to make a difference from day 1. With a focus on change management, organizational culture, structure, and navigating your way through an organization's political field, you’ll gain insights into turning challenges into concrete actions. For additional support, a user day and a coaching package can be added to this training.

Advanced Leadership Program

This program will guide you through all the steps for organizational change, by showing you the way. It's no blueprint for success; you’ll need to learn and experience yourself what works in your situation. We’ll help you start, and make hands-on assignments directed at your case, so you end up with a strong foundation to excel.




Advanced Leadership Program

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What you’ll learn.

Area 1

Overview of the three areas of competencies

Design an improvement program:
  • Organizational development: understanding the dynamics of deployment processes. 
  • Strategic position: ensuring that lean, six sigma, and reliability have a viable place in the organization. 
  • Program design: how to organize and structure the lean, six sigma, or reliability program?

Area 2

Overview of the three areas of competencies

Personal growth: 

  • Coaching skills and power dynamics in project reviews. 
  • Factor 10 behavior: proactive leadership and being the one who sets things in motion.
  • Organization politics: operating strategically in a political forcefield.

Area 3

Overview of the three areas of competencies

Organizational development: 

  • Strategic focus: where do you need to excel, and where can you compromise in order to excel where it counts? 
  • The science of flow: how do jobs flow through a process with limited capacity? (“factory physics”).
  • From quality to speed and flexibility: time-based competition, quick response manufacturing and agility. 
  • Project management: the theory behind the V-model, agile project management, heartbeat and proactive control.

Practical information.

For whom

You are a senior (Project Manager, Program Manager, Black Belt, Process or Data Architect) in your organization with a higher educational degree and want to make the next step to make an impact on reaching business goals.


Holland Innovative offers the possibility to acquire a HI-MBB certification. 
Candidates are evaluated based on the following criteria:

  1. The candidate is certified as a Black Belt by an acceptable certification party
  2. The candidate has sufficient experience in supporting and reviewing improvement projects
  3. The candidate has made contributions to the Lean, Six Sigma or Reliability communities by delivering presentations or authoring publications
  4. The candidate has sufficient experience in teaching workshops or courses in Lean, Six Sigma or Reliability
  5. The candidate has completed the Master Black Belt Masterclass


Participants who have followed the 6-day training will receive proof of participation.
For candidates who fulfill the certification requirements, certification to MBB is included in the price.

Location & Dates


Eindhoven – High Tech Campus 29  


Dates 2023

Block 1: October 11-12

Block 2: November 6-7

Block 3: November 27-28


Group size

Maximum group size: 12 participants 

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