HI-PM4 Course Conceptual Thinking, the language of ideas

Structured, creative idea generation and idea development.

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With this course you’ll learn:

  • Combine creative thinking, critical thinking and complex problem solving with your specialized knowledge and job/life experience
  • Uncover your signature thinking style and how to apply it to your daily work
  • Explore and mine for information and learn how to validate insights make your ideas resilient

Teaching professionals.

Marijn van der Poll

Marijn van der Poll

Industrial designer, strategic advisor, design lecturer and partner at design firm vanderPolloffice
His work is part of the collections of amongst others the Victoria & Albert Museum in London and the San Francisco MOMA. He advises governmental organizations like the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure on social design and innovation. He is a former ambassador of the internationally renowned Dutch Design Week and a permanent faculty member at the Design Academy Eindhoven. He holds a BA in Industrial Design from the Design Academy and a MSc from the University of Nebraska.

Course information

  • Hybrid
  • 2 modules of 2/3 days


The investment is €2.990 (excl. VAT) per participant.

Included are four training days, course material
s and book, use of the private online platform (web-based), and certificate.

About the course Conceptual Thinking.

The Conceptual Thinking course is a pragmatic training based on the principle of creative analysis, idea generation and development. The aim is to get a grip on complex projects steering right at the start and structure what is traditionally called the ‘fuzzy front end.’ Everybody brings his own projects and will directly execute the learnings in his project. Supported in live training sessions as well as online learning ….The training perfectly fits in the structure of a typical development process with clear stages and milestones by using the language of ideas.

Course: Conceptual Thinking.


Complex problems and open-ended projects demand that traditional empirical knowledge, technical skills, and job experience be matched with competencies in ‘creative’ thinking and analysis. Traditionally this has been perceived as a talent; it is in fact a skill, just like writing and algebra.



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What you’ll learn.

Block 1 - day 1/2

What you'll learn on day 1 and day 2 of the course

Day 1

Introduction, the idea as a basic element 

  • 3 phases of idea creation
  • Use of the online platform 
  • Phase 1: The Objective 
  • Group exercise and reflection 

Day 2

Work individually on the platform  

  • Recap the Objective 
  • Multiple parallel goals in a session 
  • The Bigger Picture: from clear objective to exploration of ideas 
  • Individual exercise on the platform 
  • individual feedback 
  • Blue bits and Holiday Mode: activating and sending inspiration
  • Individual exercise on the platform 
  • Group feedback 
  • Formulate and share goals for your own project 
  • Desirability Feasibility / Feasibility: the SWOT of each idea 
  • Individual exercise on the platform 
  • Individual feedback 
  • Concepts - mature ideas 
  • Individual exercise on the platform
  • Group feedback

Block 2 - day 3/4

What you'll learn on day 3 and day 4 of the course

Day 3 

Group session & work on own project 

  • Review session language of ideas
  • Discuss your own project 
  • Bonus material 
  • Work individually on your own project

Day 4

Final presentation of all concepts with the group 

Practical information.

For whom

The Conceptual Thinking course is for everyone interested in applying creative thinking as an individual thinking skill. The course is aimed at the individual and developing his or her creative thinking whilst benefitting from the shared group learning experience in doing soThat is why the course is also suited for system engineers, lead engineers, developersarchitects. 


After completing the full training, you receive proof of participation.  




Location & Dates

Eindhoven – Strijp-s Klokgebouw 50 (office number 243)
Dates 2021 
Location: Eindhoven 
Date to be determined 

Group size 

A maximum of 20 participants 

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