It is a misunderstanding that project teams should only have one project manager. After all, project management is a skill that every team member should master.

Roel Wessels

Scientific Director Project Management & Technology

Specifics on project management

Project Management has become a real competence nowadays. And in today’s business world, Project Management capacities are important at almost all levels of an organization. Due to all the challenges the demand for agility and complexity reduction is growing. We believe it takes the combination of technical knowledge, business understanding and soft skill to move forward together with you, our clients.

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Sharing knowledge for long term innovation success.

Be able to lead your organization with more focus, structure and direction.

By having project managers who are versed in multiple disciplines, such as reliability, data science and systems engineering. 

Be able to lead your organization in the transition process towards a data-driven way of working.

Shorten the time-to-market while simultaneously reducing costs.

We are convinced we can take on the challenges in project management with you.

Wim Schouten
“There are many different reasons for people to block a positive organizational change. A project manager or leadership and project management training by HI can combat this negative trend.”

Wim Schouten

Sr Project Manager - Holland Innovative

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