Specifics on Project Management

Together with our customers we will discover what is best suited to your challenge in achieving results in complex projects, usually governed by focusing on time-budget pressure and a clear market demand/target.

With over 20 years of experience Holland Innovative's project managers are able to manage multi-disciplinary project teams effectively.


Project Management is about

Making your project less complex.

Having a ‘pitbull mentality’ to deliver results and will not leave a project until it has succeeded.

Providing a healthy working environment.

Bringing ‘heartbeat’ into the project. Heartbeat brings structure, shows real progress and gives a framework as guidance for its own planning.

What we can do.

Let's talk about the specifics.

Wim Schouten
“Showing leadership and managing projects seem like two different things, but they are becoming increasingly intertwined. Both contribute to the successful implementation of a project.”

Wim Schouten

Sr Project Manager - Holland Innovative

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