Introducing agility & heartbeat for small NPI projects in high-tech.

Frencken is an international technology solutions provider for medical and high-tech corporations with settlements in North America, Europe and Asia. With technical know-how covering multiple industries, Frencken can facilitate sustainable fast time-to-market solutions to customers all over the world. With its large network of suppliers and own machining factory, Frencken operates in the full product creation process: from the start of development up to assembly and testing.

A recent review has shown the first draft version led to several suggestions for improvement.

These suggestions are now being worked on for implementation in the process. 

Over the last couple of years, Frencken has grown, changed its organization and internal processes. Large NPI projects follow the Frencken PCP, Changes are coordinated via a CCB but until now, small projects followed a less structured approach: “just do it”.

Because of short lead times in small projects and immediate required response, this type of projects requires a steady process that fits the Frencken way of working and ownership by means of a project manager. HI supports Frencken by analyzing, creating, applying and validating a tailor-made PCP light for small projects in close collaboration with all stakeholders.

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''A recent review has shown the first draft version led to several suggestions for improvement.''

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The task.

The assignment given by Frencken is to develop, apply, and validate & deploy PCP light that describes the framework / process for small projects from start to end, which are led by a project manager. The goal of this project is to improve on efficiency and timely delivery to customers of small projects.   

So, in addition to the analysis of the current situation, validating a theoretical model by applying on projects is an important part of the assignment to ensure the added value of this new process within in the organization. 

The approach.

Being new in an organization requires at first to understand the situation. Finding your way in a company is important: get to know the people to talk to and talk with is key. In conversations and sessions with multiple stakeholders, you can really dive into the problem statement and get to understand what is important from a personal and communication point of view. Together with the entire team, we defined a joint problem statement and sketched a proposal by means of a draft PCP light process    

With common understanding of the required process, the next step was to validate the process in real life projects. By following the draft PCP process, we could experience the difference between reality and what we would expect. This allows to finetune the process towards the future taking into consideration all new insights. 

“Nothing survives without a heartbeat: reanimating a task after several weeks is likely to fail and requires a lot of effort.”


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The result.

The development of PCP light is currently in progress. Recently a review has been done on the first draft version which led to several suggestions for improvement. These suggestions are now being worked out for implementation in the process.

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