Event Leadership and Innovation: Shaping Leaders in Tech

On November 9th, we hosted our inaugural "Leadership and Innovation" event with a unique focus on "Shaping Leaders in Tech." The evening marked the beginning of an exciting journey, one that aims to inspire and empower individuals in the realm of high-tech innovation.

In today's fast-paced world, leadership and organization are pivotal in driving the success of product innovation. Innovation, in turn, serves as our guiding light through global challenges. At Holland Innovative, our mission is clear: to coach and train companies, helping them cultivate leadership and organizational skills to swiftly transform ideas into thriving businesses.

This quarterly event series offers a platform for professionals to connect and exchange ideas with peers, providing invaluable insights and fostering growth within the innovation field. But what exactly unfolded on that remarkable November evening?



Inspiration from Remarkable Speakers

Our event featured a lineup of distinguished speakers, each sharing their invaluable insights and experiences on leadership:

Presentation by Bert: "Flow from Idea to Business" Bert van Appeven, a seasoned expert, shed light on the concept of "flow" and its critical role in achieving both quality and speed throughout the innovation process. Bert emphasized the six main principles to attain this elusive state of flow. His presentation left attendees with practical strategies to unlock their creative potential, speeding up the journey from idea to successful business.

Presentation by Annelies van der Jagt: "Reaping the Benefits of Team Diversity" Annelies explored the significance of team diversity in leadership. Defining team diversity and its crucial role, she offered guidance on how leaders can actively encourage and harness the power of diverse teams for innovative success.

Presentation by Marcel: "Window of Opportunity" Marcel Logger delved into the concept of "Windows of Opportunity." He explained what these windows are, how to recognize them, and most importantly, how to capitalize on them swiftly. Recognizing these windows is key to staying ahead in the fast-paced world of technology.



Empowering Tomorrow's Leaders

Two of our inspirational speakers, Bert and Marcel, are not just here to share their wisdom; they're also the driving forces behind our training programs. These programs are designed to propel attendees towards future leadership success. Let's take a closer look at Bert and Marcel, their passion for leadership, and what you can gain from their training sessions."


Leadership in Product Innovation (Bert van Appeven)      

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Meet Bert van Appeven, a seasoned expert with over 40 years of international experience in Product Innovation Management. Bert's journey spans Research and Development, Production, Business Units, and various roles like Product Manager, Project/Program Manager, and Competence Manager.

Throughout his career, Bert has orchestrated numerous New Product Introductions across diverse sectors, from consumer goods to B2B markets. His expertise extends across high-tech, automotive, medtech, and biotech industries, making him a versatile guide for innovation.

What sets Bert apart is his profound understanding of establishing effective product development organizations, both within R&D and at the enterprise level. He firmly believes that leadership and organization play pivotal roles in enhancing product innovation success. Bert's passion lies in coaching and training companies to cultivate effective leadership and organization, facilitating the rapid transformation of innovative ideas into thriving businesses.

Furthermore, Bert's dedication to Lean Product Development, with an emphasis on fostering "flow" within Product Development through principles like "heartbeat" and "pull," adds a unique dimension to his training approach.

The Leadership in Product Innovation program is designed for those seeking to achieve rapid "Time to Business" in product innovation. Participants gain a holistic view of product innovation with a strong emphasis on leadership and organization, enabling pragmatic decision-making from idea to market introduction.

Find out more: Leadership in Product Innovation (holland-innovative.nl)


Advanced Leadership Program      


Meet Marcel Logger, a passionate advocate for leadership as the linchpin of organizational success. Marcel embarked on his career journey without a leadership role, but he keenly observed the impact of diverse leadership styles on individuals and organizations.

He learned that the leaders who inspire the most profound transformations are those who instill trust, provide room for growth, and empower their teams to explore new horizons. These leaders achieve remarkable results by aligning their organizations with their ultimate goals.

Marcel's fervor for leadership stems from his observation that it is often underestimated as a success factor or, at times, even perceived as a non-contributing element in the grand scheme of things. In all his interactions with clients, he emphasizes the critical role of leaders, delving into how leadership roles are defined and how individuals in these positions act.

Marcel's program, the Advanced Leadership Program, is a solution-oriented initiative built around four central themes: Purpose, People, Process, and Politics. It equips leaders with advanced techniques, including assertive communication, motivation methods, and coaching skills, empowering them to lead their teams effectively.

These trainers aren't just instructors; they're passionate individuals driven by their profound experiences and insights. They aim to empower you with practical knowledge, guiding you towards becoming an influential leader in the dynamic world of high-tech innovation.

Find out more: Advanced Leadership Program


See you next event

As we conclude this blog, we invite you to explore the possibilities of leadership in innovation. The inaugural event on November 9th was just the beginning, and we're excited to announce that these events will be held quarterly. The next one is scheduled for February 29th, with topics soon to be revealed. We encourage you to get inspired by our speakers, network with like-minded individuals, and share your own experiences. Together, we'll tackle the challenges of tomorrow and shape the leaders of the future.