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We see that companies have not only increased their knowledge of products and systems, or how they behave and are used in the field. Reliability has also provided them with a higher market share. They have opened up new markets and applications. And entered new industries.

Elly van den Bliek

Sr Reliability & Functional Safety Expert

Professionals for Reliability Engineering

Our experts are trained to observe and identify your challenges from a fresh perspective, finding the best solution for your specific situation. They have many years of in-depth experience in Reliability Engineering. Working with your professionals or serving as your reliability expert, they support the project team in the engineering, testing and validation phases.
We strive to make an impact, and a permanent one at that. The complexity of your challenge and the dynamics of both the organization and the market require impactful solutions. Whether it’s a training, project management support or coaching on the job, we team up to share our knowledge for long term innovation success.
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External expertise can help

Develop a proper test plan and how to validate your product.

Take the lead in projects on the aspect of system reliability, closely cooperating with six sigma methodologies.

Design a reliable product first time right.

Teach you how data science can support a proper reliability strategy.

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At HI we’ve learned that a combined approach of training, coaching and project participation increases involvement and accelerates impact. Curious about the impact for you or your organization? Feel free to contact us!

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Our experience and excellence in the execution of our projects can help you to go further in your personal development and in the growth of your business.

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Together with you, we face the challenge to share the future and take further steps towards value creation and lasting impact. 

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