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According to Flora Fluids plants can be considered as small chemical factories. Plants produce numerous compounds which fulfill important roles within the plant’s vital and defense mechanisms. Some of these compounds used for their defense mechanisms can be useful for other purposes as well; for many years these compounds or nutrients are important ingredients in cosmetics, food, feed and medicines.  Flora Fluids develops a completely new and plant friendly (non-destructive) method to extract these natural ingredients from plants.

We realized a completely controlled and safe working environment for the trials of Flora Fluids.

Flora Fluids uses a different principle to extract natural ingredients from plants. By using Electro Hydro dynamic Atomization (EHDA) or electro spraying natural ingredients are directly “milked” from plants. The plant remains alive and can be harvested again after a few weeks.

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''Realizing a complete controlled and safe working environment for the trials of flora fluids.''

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Product & Process Development

The task.

Holland Innovative was asked to help them to get the proof of principle. In order to do this we helped them to understand the whole process better. Therefore we had to achieve the following goals: 

  • Create reliable and very precise measurement systems 
  • Define the variables which have significant influence on the process 
  • Try to get control on this variables  
  • Find the right setting to optimize the process of milking the plant 

The approach.

Holland Innovative helped them to achieve their goals with the use of the principles of Design for Sig Sigma a project-based approach. After defining important steps to stake as stated above, we created reliable and very precise measurement systems to see how they behaved during the process. Tools as Design of experiments, measurement system analysis and thoroughly analysis of the actions of the operators gave many important insights.

“Holland Innovative helped us to look further than only the technical aspect of our method. By approaching our challenge form the plant it’s point of view, and the optimization and documentation of each part of the process we learned things about our project which in the end turned out to be the crucial to our success”
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Flora Fluids

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The result.

Eventually we realized a complete controlled and save working environment for the trials of flora fluids. With the use of specially designed test and work protocols we were able to get a grip on the milking process. This resulted into the proof of principle for Flora Fluids.

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