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Our Academy Calendar 2023 is here!

Our new Academy Calendar for 2023 is here! With four new courses, we are preparing for an exciting new year of mastering skills and are encouraging you to take that step to broaden your horizon and learn more!

Have a look at our academy website to read more about our newest courses and download the academy calendar here:

Download the 2023 Academy Calendar

We're excited to share that 4 new courses have been added to the curriculum: 

Project Management: Foundation & Kickstart (1 day) - launching mid 2023

During this one-day workshop you will learn de basic elements of projects, project structure, and phasing, and insight into deliverables and dependencies, but you will also learn to understand the language of project management, which ensures an improvement in mutual communication and increase the quality of the discussion.


Project Management Practitioner, Booster (2 days) - launching mid 2023

This training is an energizer with highlights of the PM Masterclass and gives an overview of the project management aspects according to the updated PM Masterclass, as well as the latest developments in both the competencies and the market. The goal is to refresh the PM knowledge of the 'senior' project managers who participated in the PM Masterclass a few years ago.


Advanced Leadership Program(6 days)

You have a higher education and are an expert in your field. Now you are ready for the next step in a leadership or management position. Perhaps you want to start a new training in your own department, or you have been assigned an important change project, or simply because you aspire to a leadership position. This training will show you how to tackle the challenges ahead.

With a combination of both strategic and practical tools, you will learn how to make a success of your following programs


Leadership in Product Innovation (4,5 days)In February 2023 the brand new course “LEADERSHIP IN PRODUCT INNOVATION” will be given by Bert van Appeven, owner of van Appeven | Idea to Business. Peter Deen, the owner of Senns Strategy and Drive, is co-trainer. Learn how to bring speed and business overview into your innovation teams by smartly combining everyone's worth. This course offers a holistic and integral look at product innovation, with a focus on leadership and organization.

To celebrate the launch of our academy calendar for 2023 we would like to offer the first 10 people who download our brochure a special HI cake! You can download your academy calendar 2023 here:

Download the 2023 Academy Calendar

Are you also already looking at your possibilities in terms of training and development for 2023 and would you like to spar with us about this? Schedule an appointment here:

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