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Life Cycle Management of a Medical Device

Reliability in Design and Post-Market Surveillance

7 February 2024

TechMed Center, Technohal, Hallenweg 5, 7522NH Enschede


Organized by Holland Innovative, we aim to share knowledge and foster innovation in the High-tech and MedTech industries. This unique event offers a great opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of Reliability and its impact on MedTech. At Holland Innovative, experts in various fields not only learn from each other but also drive innovative synergies. This has led to new insights and training programs, especially at the intersection of MedTech and Reliability. The event is to introduce the benefits and applications of Reliability.

We are excited to unveil our esteemed lineup of speakers for the event on 7th February. To catch a glimpse of what the event has in store, please refer to the agenda provided on the right. Detailed insights on each speaker's presentation topics will be made available shortly.


12.00-13.00hr: Registration and Lunch

13:00-13:15hr: General introduction and introduction to reliability

13:15-13:45hr: Presentation of Prof. Erik Buskens from University Medical Center Groningen 

13:45-14:15hr: Presentation of Nick van den Berg from Micronit 

14:15-14:30hr: Network Break

14:30-15:00: Presentation of Björn Timmer from Demcon and Albert Meek from Labori International

15:00-15:30hr: Presentation of Marcel Dekker from Maser

15:30-15:45hr: Network break

15:45-16:45hr: Workshop 'Clinical Evaluation and Reliability' given by Lisanne Nannings, Coen Smits, Jerry de Groot, and Monique van Lier from Holland Innovative. 

16:45-17:30hr: Wrapping up & network drink

Meet the speakers

erik buskens

Prof. Erik Buskens

Erik Buskens, an expert in epidemiology and HTA at UMC Groningen focuses on "Healthy Ageing," addressing broad topics like aging, care networks, and health disparities. As the Netherlands and the rest of the world, experience a significant demographic shift, challenges, and opportunities arise in healthcare, necessitating innovative solutions that prioritize safety and affordability. These dynamics underline the importance of effective health strategies and policy discussions.
Foto Nick 2022

Nick van den Berg

I am Nick van den Berg, Head of Product Design within Micronit, where we develop Microfluidic products for life science and healthcare. With a team of Design Engineers, we are working hard to develop new products with our customers. From the first idea into manufacturing. I am always striving to improve our way of working to reduce (technical) risks and make a functional product that meets the requirements. By doing this I hope to give my two kids also a great future where they can grow up worry-free.
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Björn Timmer and Albert Meek

At Demcon LS&H Björn is a systems architect, internal FMEA trainer, and member of the internal 'Design for Reliability' competence group. Albert Meek is the Director of R&D with Laborie Medical Technologies. Most of his career has been in R&D in the medical field. Together they will guide us through their experiences with reliability in their respective fields.
marcel dekker

Marcel Dekker

Marcel Dekker is a Reliability Test Engineer at Eurofins | MASER, specializing in ESD safety policies and designing test setups for unique electronic components. His expertise includes power electronics, high frequency, and optical light measurements, focusing on reliability testing. He also coordinates R&D projects and is actively involved in the ESDA standardization committee and the TAS committee within ESDA.

Monique van Lier and Lisanne Nannings

Monique is a Medical Device Development Expert, with a special focus on clinical evaluation, clinical application training, and post-market surveillance. With a background in technical medicine, Lisanne specializes in clinical evaluation and focuses on ensuring that medical devices meet safety and efficacy standards. Together, Monique and Lisanne will guide you through our workshop.

Coen Smits

Coen has been with Holland Innovative for over 10 years as a reliability specialist with assignments in many high-tech and automotive organizations. He holds a Ph.D. in Applied Physics from the Eindhoven University of Technology. Coen will be our host on 7 February.

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