One Day Workshop Reliability

Reliability; The key to a successful product!

In order to take advantage of the latest economic developments, organisations need to develop new products and systems with high reliability. Product failure could have a major impact and could lead to serious consequences. Reliability Engineering is an emerging discipline within product development, helping to secure the reliability of the product in an integrated way, with accurate and quantitative methods.

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The One Day Workshop Reliability consists of an introduction to the Reliability Engineering tools and methods such as Weibull and lognormal distribution, risk analysis, predicting failures, drawing up test plans and measuring reliability growth. Alongside acquiring insight into the methodologies, their integration into a development trajectory is the pivot of the workshop.

A selection of the skills which will be learned:
• Reliability Engineering in the Product Creation Process. Tools, Methodologies and the anticipated results.
• The principles of Weibull statistics, creating and interpreting Weibull plots. Examples of Weibull analyses.
• Good and bad Weibull plots, the 3-parameter Weibull and the lognormal distribution.
• Predicting failures, performing risk analyses.
• How to deal with smaller numbers; Weibayes methodology. Setting up a test plan.
• Crow-AMSAA reliability growth analysis, trend analysis.
• Management aspects. Change Management; strategy, implementation, monitoring, training.

The workshop offers you insight into the integration of Reliability Engineering into the product development trajectory. The specification of requirements, drawing up a risk analysis, evaluating test results at the component and system level, predicting Life Cycle costs and maintenance strategy; in short Reliability-Maintenance-Safety (RMS) in all its aspects.

Audience group
Reliability Engineers, quality engineers en six sigma engineers.

Location and investment:
Eindhoven: High Tech Campus 29 / Enschede: Hengelosestraat 500 (The Gallery)
The costs are €795 (excl. VAT) per participant. Included is a syllabus of the course material, refreshments and daily lunches.

Course duration:
1 day from 9.00 am to 5.30 pm. Maximum group size: 10 participants. In-company programs can also be arranged. Our training courses are given in Dutch as standard. In the case of one or more non-Dutch speaking participants, the training is given in English.

Data 2021
Location: Eindhoven

May 27
December 16

Location: Enschede
September 28

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Ing. Ronald Schop (Senior Director Reliability at Holland Innovative)

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