New Training: Leadership in Product Innovation

Training “Leadership in Product Innovation”: Leadership and organisation make the difference!

Big investments are made before the introduction of a new product. After, it can take years to reach the "break-even point", let alone goals such as Gross Margin or Operating Profit. A short time-to-market and "crossing the sales chasm" is therefore crucial for success. This is what you will learn in this course.  

How do you bring speed and business acumen to your innovation teams? There are many gurus, buzzwords, and methodologies that claim to be the panacea for getting better products to market faster. Each has its value, however, sometimes more time is spent proving themselves right than on cleverly combining the principles into an overarching, business-driven framework. And you're going to learn the latter. 

This course offers a holistic and integrated view of product innovation with a focus on leadership and organization. The course material is built around real-world examples and covers the entire process from idea to business.
It explains how to make the right decisions using a framework of "trade-off rules," rather than falling into action mode and sub-optimizing on issues that distract the team from the goal. You will learn how to embed this sustainably in the project and overall program. 

The trainers have a pragmatic and no-nonsense approach and do not complicate things unnecessarily. They share with you what works and what doesn't. They have years of experience in R&D, project management, manufacturing, service innovation, product marketing, and sales in the Netherlands, the US, and Germany. Many best practices from High Tech, Automotive, MedTech, and Biotech will be shared. 


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