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Importance of Learning – Why learning is so much more than just learning

Irene van den Graven - Sales Manager at Holland Innovative

The best investment you can make, is in yourself - Warren Buffett

At Holland Innovative we experience daily the living proof of the added value of investing in yourself and your own knowledge. Because, what is the case? In a world characterized by so-called 'disruptive technologies', it is even more essential than ever before that the knowledge and expertise of project managers, engineers and developers remain up to standard.

Only then is it possible to continuously optimize product and process developments and thus remain competitive. Standing still is not an option. Continually acquiring relevant knowledge is.

But it is about more than just acquiring knowledge. We call this the "Importance of Learning". When personal and professional development are considered a constant, they act as a flywheel for further growth. We are convinced that in addition to gaining knowledge and insights, the opportunity to share that knowledge in a lively network of professionals is the real added value.

Learning from each other - the real added value

How do you keep developing yourself optimally and gaining knowledge? In order to keep up with the developments taking place? It seems almost an impossible task at a time when new technologies are rapidly emerging.

Our years of experience in the field of training show that the solution to this dilemma lies in learning from each other. We believe in the power of cross-fertilization: sharing knowledge and information as a constant within a network of partners and experts. This principle underlies all of our training courses. For us, participants are not passive listeners, but active knowledge gatherers and sharers.

In this way, we create an inspiring environment where you learn not only from the instructor but also from each other. Participants get to know the strengths of other companies and discover how they can strengthen each other. We therefore see new professional collaborations emerge with regularity.

High Tech and MedTech

Our training courses are primarily focused on the High Tech industry and MedTech industry. It goes without saying that High Tech and MedTech can learn a lot from each other in this and our experience in the various markets is a benefit to our customers. Up-to-date and relevant knowledge in the field of quality, safety and reliability is essential for the success of a new product.

The power of the network

As mentioned, we see that our interactive training courses result in valuable partnerships. Such newly created connections and networks are supported by us: for the various training courses we organize network meetings four times a year, the so-called User Groups . In addition, former participants regularly knock on our door for feedback or tips or even make a contribution in one of our training courses.

This makes 'learning' so much more than just taking a course to brush up your knowledge.

Gain effective insight in 1 day

Popular are the short, one-day training courses. Because with ever-evolving technology, we see that generalists - such as managers or directors - find it important to stay abreast of specialized topics. During a one-day training, the most important aspects of innovative developments become clear to them.

Such one-day trainings are also often followed to gain insight into the subject and its applicability within one's own company. It can then be determined for which professional the full course has the most added value. On this basis, training budgets can be used effectively.

For whom?

Each of our participants is not only at his or her own unique place in his or her career, their knowledge and insights are also unique and often depend on professional experience.

Because the needs for knowledge or broadening within companies - but also within roles within a company - can vary greatly, our training offerings at the Holland Innovative Academy are characterized by multiple depths. Something for everyone: at his or her level and appropriate to their needs.

Would you like to learn more about our training offerings?

We would like to invite you to exchange knowledge, explore learning paths and next steps in your personal development. Have we managed to arouse your curiosity, are you open to create and seize opportunities or would you like to engage in an open conversation? We cordially invite you to visit one of our locations. Contact us at academy@holland-innovative.nl or take a look at the many possibilities within the HI Academy.