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Holland Innovative proud of acquired Cedeo recognition: "Proof of our quality and of customer satisfaction"

Holland Innovative (HI) may call itself "Cedeo accredited" for the next two years. Both the independent customer satisfaction survey and the company visit by the Cedeo advisor yielded positive results. Irene van den Graven, Sales Marketing & Business Development manager at Holland Innovative, is proud. "This is additional proof of our quality and moreover, the survey provides insight into how satisfied our customers are with us."

An important consequence of the recognition is that from now on participants can also apply for max 1.000 euro STAP subsidy for Holland Innovative's training courses.

Read more about how STAP subsidy works here. 

Participants were satisfied or very satisfied with all aspects of the survey. Among other things, the survey looked at the program, the execution, the trainers, the teaching materials, the accommodation, and the organization of the training.

Very satisfied

Participants in HI training and education courses are very satisfied with the content and quality of the training and education courses attended, according to Cedeo. "The interactivity during the meetings is also appreciated. Because of this combination of dynamic training with current content, clients know how to find Holland Innovative. The program offerings are regularly scrutinized and adapted to new developments. This ensures the connection with the participants' practice and the program offering has a very high business focus."

For Irene van den Graven, this is strong evidence of the success of the course initiated. "We stand for the combination of theory and practice; by linking them together we enable our participants to take new steps, both in terms of their knowledge and for their careers. This helps them themselves, but their employers at least as much."

Creating clarity

The Cedeo survey is intended to create clarity in what is on offer. "There are over eight thousand commercial training institutes in the Netherlands that offer a multitude of customized and open training courses," says consultant Mr. N. de Bok of Cedeo. "For many training officials, this enormous supply forms a confusing and, in a qualitative sense, unfathomable whole. In addition, there are several thousand organizations that focus on the broad field of organizational advice, legal advice, and intensive guidance through coaching. To provide insight into institutes that have demonstrably provided courses, training, education, organizational advice, or coaching to the satisfaction of companies and organizations, Cedeo conducts satisfaction surveys." Some 800 institutes have passed that test.

Pragmatic solutions

Holland Innovative was founded in 2006 and has since grown into a specialized and renowned company with nearly 60 employees and offices in Eindhoven, Enschede, and The Hague. Holland Innovative specializes in project management, reliability engineering, problem-solving, data analysis, and medical product development. Holland Innovative carries out projects for large multinationals, SMEs, and tech start-ups. Holland Innovative works on the basis of proven methodologies, structures, and quantitative data. In cooperation with leading universities, existing scientific models are applied in practice. Holland Innovative's strength lies in a thorough analysis of an issue or problem and then its creative translation into a smart and pragmatic solution.

As Holland Innovative, we are currently setting everything up to offer our our trainings with STAP subsidy. We hope to have this ready before the next subsidy round of January 2nd. If you want to apply for STAP subsidy with one of our trainings on Jan 2nd, mention this when signing up, and we'll help you further. 

Read more about how STAP subsidy works here.