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The Holland Innovative Family: Building Innovation and Growth Together!

Last Saturday was a day to remember for the entire Holland Innovative family. What made this day so special was the fact that not only our colleagues, but also their partners and children were invited to participate in our family day. It was a day of togetherness, fraternization and strengthening our HI family ties.


Looking back at where we came from, we are reminded of the inspiring story of our founder and owner, Hans Meeske. Seventeen and a half years ago, Hans began his vision of innovation and quality working out of his attic room. Since then he has not only built Holland Innovative into what it is today, but also created an HI family that is growing and thriving.

During the family day, we had the pleasure of honoring Hans in a very special way. After a delicious dinner, he was surprised with a gift deeply rooted in our core values - the adoption of a Barbary monkey named Kalila. The choice of the Barbary monkey is no accident; these animals live in strong social systems, with the leader ensuring the well-being of all the monkeys in the group. In our eyes, Hans is the leader of our Holland Innovative troop, driving innovation and growth in the high-tech sector day in and day out.


Just as Hans nurtures the ecosystem within his field, he also cares for the Holland Innovative family, his team. He encourages us to innovate and thrive, sometimes with challenging questions that prompt us to think deeply. He encourages personal leadership by allowing each family member to identify what the colleague needs to bring out the best in ourselves. And as in any family, this journey is one of ups and downs, with laughter and sometimes a tear.


With a heart full of passion and dedication, Hans leads his troop, and he and his troop have been doing so with admiration and respect for 17.5 years. Everyone who is part of the Holland Innovative family can attest to the warmth and opportunities found here. Hans sees opportunities where others may see obstacles, and that inspires us all to strive for more, both in our work and in our personal lives.

As we look back on this great day, we want to open the door for those interested in becoming part of our HI family. Perhaps you are a new colleague who sees opportunities to join our ecosystem. If so, we invite you for a cup of coffee with Hans to share ideas and discover how you can contribute to our growing adventure.

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Holland Innovative is all about innovation, growth and the power of (family) connection. Together we are creating the future of the high-tech industry, and we invite you to be part of our journey. Let's build an inspiring future together!