HI’s Advanced Leadership Program combines the newest insights with the skills you know are essential

For years, Holland Innovative has accumulated experience in courses around Six Sigma, Green Belt, and Black Belt. Thanks to this know-how and our acquired knowledge in leadership and change programs, as well as our extensive experience in project management, we can offer you our new Advanced Leadership Program. The program has three modules of two days each and is limited to twelve participants.

Changing organizations

One of the founders of the new Advanced Leadership Program is Evert-Jan van Donkelaar. He sees the program as ideal for managers who want to take the next steps in a changing organization. “This program is packed with specialized masterclasses designed to help you learn new leadership techniques and refine old skills to run your team, including assertive communication, motivation methods, and coaching. The training is built around four themes: Purpose, People, Process & Politics. With a focus on change management, organizational culture, structure, and navigating your way through an organization's political field, you’ll gain insights into turning challenges into concrete actions.”

This program combines theory with practical examples to give participants the tools to make a difference right from the start. “Anyone with higher education and a career in the high-tech industry can apply. Let’s say you’re an expert in your field but your ambition leads you to prepare yourself for the next step in a leadership or management position. Maybe you want to start a new program in your department, or you participate in a critical change program, but you lack the skills and experience that are needed to feel comfortable in such a role. Or maybe you aspire to a managerial position. In those cases, this training will show you how to approach the challenges ahead of you.”

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Collaborative HI-team

Evert-Jan van Donkelaar focuses on output and has an eye for the broader perspective. Being responsible for R&D in the hectic automotive business environment taught him how to adapt an organization to changing business circumstances. Together with him, Marcel Logger, Coen Smits, and Karel Kalma have worked on developing this new program. They all did that from their expertise. Marcel Logger is an enthusiastic, ambitious, and result-driven Master Black Belt in Lean Six Sigma and Design for Six Sigma, with a background in manufacturing, service, and logistics. Coen Smits is a reliability specialist with assignments in many high-tech and automotive organizations. Karel Kalma is an experienced project manager who adds knowledge of quality methodologies (FMEA, 8D, Six Sigma Green belt) to his project management skills.         

The program's quality is based on the combined competencies of these four developers. “Because of our different backgrounds and additional skills, we have turned this into something really special. And this is precisely what distinguishes Holland Innovative from other training institutes: we know all relevant theories but always blend these in a tailored way into the needs of specific companies. Our expertise in project management, and social innovation, and as educators in this constantly changing high-tech world helps us create the best possible solutions for our clients. Be it as a temporary project manager or in this new advanced leadership program. I look forward to welcoming the first group of participants!”

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