Amplify systems thinking and master the complexity of being a System Engineer

Contributing significantly to the various key technologies that operate complex systems and machines with a multidisciplinary vision is an increasingly required skill for those in the high-tech industry. HI offers an efficient structured approach to show you how to enhance your career as a System Engineer in this business.

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Become a multi-disciplined System Engineer.


Project Management

Be able to conduct multidisciplinary project teams with structure and direction through the application of project management principles and agile leadership.
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Data Analysis

Find out how to apply our statistics and Design for Six Sigma approach to integrate and adapt the ‘new’ methodology of data science into the design process.
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Reliability Engineering

Improve your ability in making in-depth reliability analysis based on warranty, test, or field data, to predict and eliminate early life failures or to refine and optimize system operation.

Product & Process Development

Be able to develop products reliable enough to reach the market quickly, meeting customer expectations and needs with the use of a structured approach.
“If one thing has become clear to us, it is the crucial role of systems thinking and managing system complexity as a foundation for success. We must continue to promote these qualities.”
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Hans Meeske

Managing Director - Holland Innovative

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