Develop a pragmatic and wide approach as a MedTech professional

Having a fantastic, innovative idea developed by enthusiastic people in the MedTech field is great. However, most companies forget about the correct set-up to deliver their products to the market.

Be the professional that will be able to create the technical documentation at a stage prior to the development process, improving the technical implementation as well as quality and regulation.

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HI Medtech

Develop a broad vision as a MedTech professional.

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Project Management

Bring the right focus to the projectteam to create quality management systems for medical device development by clear, unambiguous, and proper measurable verification and validation analyses in this growing industry.
User Groups

Data Analysis

Learn how to use the methodology of Design for Six Sigma to translate critical requirements for your medical device into measurable parameters — in other words, the CTQ for you to focus on during the medical device development.
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Reliability Engineering

Be able to verify that safety risk management, usability engineering and clinical evaluation are correctly implemented. Always well documented and structured according to the requirements of quality management systems.
“In order to put good and safe products on the market, it is necessary to plan certain activities in time during the design and production process. For example, performing a risk analysis, writing a plan for testing the product, or a user analysis to determine the critical parameters for the product.”
Lisette van Steinvoren
Lisette van Steinvoren

Competence Lead MedTech at Holland Innovative.

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