Become the Engineer that develops products with predictable lifespans

As an engineer, you're trying to get as clear view on how the new product will continue to perform many years into the future. With the higher product complexities and higher customer demands this is challenging. When companies develop a new product, they focus almost exclusively on functionality, but how long the product will last and when it may break down are rarely asked. 

Be the engineer who challenges whoever is responsible for the product's lifespan and when it is allowed to break down.

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Six Sigma

Become able to develop products reliable enough to reach the market quickly, meeting customer expectations and needs with the use of a structured approach.
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Data Analysis

Understand how data science and artificial intelligence can support a proper reliability strategy. Learn to cope with data streams instead of data sets.
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Reliability Engineering

Understand how the Weibull in reliability engineering can help you to define the minimally proven reliability by the test or field results, even if failure numbers are very low.
“Although data science might thrive with having more data, its approach, techniques, and models can certainly be beneficial when combating reliability challenges. Even when there is only a small amount of data available.”
Elly van den Bliek

Sr Reliability & Functional Safety Specialist - Holland Innovative

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