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The evolution of technology has made access to the most diverse data favorable and fast. Understanding the amount of data and how this data can benefit your company or project opens up endless possibilities for improvement by integrating data science during the whole product lifecycle, from ideation to market introduction and field improvements.

With the help of HI, you will be able to quickly translate real-time feedback from first-time users or analyze valuable information about the upload profiles of different consumers and have insights to make improvements from the beginning.

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Expand the scope of your work as a Data Scientist.

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Six Sigma

Having a basis in six sigma ensures you are familiar with a structured approach and main statistical techniques when working with data sets.

Project Management

Be able to integrate and adapt the methodology of data science into the design process for new product introductions and continuous product improvement.
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Reliability Engineering

As a data scientist you are a valuable addition to reliability engineering. Data has always been important for determining lifespan of a product, but because data is now freely available everywhere, the possibilities are endless.
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Data Analytics

Know what a data stream does and does not show by assessing it with your statistical knowledge, to exclude built-in biases or incomplete data streams. Collect data from all different sources inside and outside the company to discover meaningful trends and patterns to improve your process.
“Start-ups and companies developing smart products with embedded digital technology can gain a lot from the combination of reliability engineering and data science. Both at the beginning of the product development journey, when you need good testing and analysis to determine the life of your product, and after launch, when user data keeps you constantly updated on how your product is performing.”
Dorien Lutgendorf

Sr Reliability Specialist - Holland Innovative

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