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  • Eindhoven
  • 2 modules of 1 day


The investment is €1.495, (excl. VAT) per participant. 

Included are the course material, lunch and refreshments. 



About the course HI-RF12 Electronics Reliability.

RF12 Electronics Reliability offers the opportunity to gain a basic understanding of development, production and test methods regarding electronic components and systems.

The contents of this seminar focus on the challenges of practical application and appeal to beginners and more experienced engineers. After all, to ensure the reliability of electronic components, reliability methods have to be integrated into development, production and testing.

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With this course you’ll learn:

  • To offer the necessary know-how to ensure reliability and durability in electronic components
  • To define suitable methods and efficient test strategies avoiding incorrect assumptions and evaluations

Teaching professionals.

Dr. Martin Dazer

Dr. Martin Dazer

Head of Reliability and Drive Technology Department at Institute of Machine Components, University of Stuttgart
Topic: Taking Advantage of Smart Data in Reliability Assurance and Product Design
Dipl.-Ing. Kevin Lucan

Dipl.-Ing. Kevin Lucan

Deputy Head of Reliability Department at Institute of Machine Components. Team Manager Reliability Analyses & Testing Systematics, University of Stuttgart

Course: Electronics Reliability.

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The challenge for engineers is to define suitable methods and efficient test strategies for the respective boundary conditions. Incorrect assumptions and evaluations can lead to field failures and thus to recall actions, loss of image and high costs.

RFs - outcome

Thinking about optimizing time and providing the tools to avoid these problems, HI has developed a partnership with RelTest and the University of Stuttgart to offer the brand new RF12 Electronics Reliability!

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What you’ll learn.

Block 1 - day 1

What you'll learn on day 1of the course

  • Electronics vs. Mechanics
  • Historical review
  • Reliability in electronic sector
  • Common reliability procedures 

System analysis:

  • Definition of system boundaries 
  • Identification of failure modes
  •  Environmental impacts 
  • Exemplary system analysis

Basics of statistical metrics:

  • Why statistics? 
  • Practical related metrics
  • Probability distributions

Reliability in the development of electronic systems:

  • Methodical prodecure  
  • System architecture/block diagram
  • System boundaries & interfaces 
  • Reliability Prediction
  • Classification of the components
  • Design Reviews

Block 2 - day 2

What you'll learn on day 2 of the course

  • Quality standards
  • Component & module tests
  • End-of-Line tests
  • Derivation of Reliability targets
  • Failure mechanisms
  • Test planning and execution
  • Accelerated tests
  • System testing
  • Prototype testing
  • Validation testing
  • Screening & Reliability testing
  • Exemplary test program
  • Data collection & processing 
  • Diagnostics & maintenance
  • Maintanance strategies 
  • Final exercise, Questions & Answers

Practical information.

For whom

The course is aimed at professionals involved in design, testing, warranty analysis, reliability, project planning, maintenance or inspection.


After completing the full course, you receive proof of participation.

Location & Dates

Eindhoven – High Tech Campus 29 
Dates 2022
Location: Eindhoven
Dates to be determined 

Group size 

A maximum of 12 participants