One Day Workshop Reliability

Reliability; the key to a successful product.

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With this training you’ll learn:

  • Reliability Engineering in the product creation process. Tools, methodologies and the anticipated results.
  • Predicting failures, performing risk analyses.
  • How to deal with smaller numbers; Weibayes methodology. Setting up a test plan.
  • Management aspects. Change management; strategy, implementation, monitoring, training.

Teaching professionals.

Ing. Ronald Schop

Ing. Ronald Schop

Sr. Director Reliability
Reliability Specialist, responsible for the creation of the EU Certified Reliability Engineer (CRE) Educational Program in corporation with Universities of Stuttgart, Delft, Amsterdam and Brussels.

Training information

  • Eindhoven
  • 1 day
  • 28-09


The investment is €795,- per participant (excluding VAT). This includes the day’s training, extensive teaching materials, useful Excel tools, lunch and refreshments.

About the One Day Workshop Reliability.

In order to take advantage of the latest economic developments,organisations need to develop new products and systems with a high reliability. Product failure could have a major impact and could lead to serious consequences. Reliability Engineering is an emerging discipline within product development, helping to secure the reliability of the product in an integrated way, with accurate and quantitative methods.

The One Day Workshop Reliability consists of an introduction to the reliability engineering tools and methods such as Weibull and lognormal distribution, risk analysis, predicting failures, drawing up test plans and measuring reliability growth. Alongside acquiring insight into the methodologies, their integration into a development trajectory is the pivot of the workshop.



One Day Workshop Reliability.


The workshop offers you insight into the integration of reliability engineering into the product development trajectory. The specification of requirements, drawing up a risk analysis, evaluating test results at the component and system level, predicting life cycle costs and maintenance strategy; in short Reliability-Maintenance-Safety (RMS) in all its aspects.

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One Day Workshop Reliability

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What you’ll learn.

Day 1

What you'll learn

Principles and terminology

  • Reliability Engineering in the product creation process. Tools, methodologies and results
  • The Weibull distribution. Creating a Weibull plot (hands-on). Interpreting the plot; beta value, good and bad plots, the 3-parameter Weibull and the lognormal distribution (hands-on)
  • Predicting failures and carrying out risk analyses. Is the failure tempo rising, constant or in fact declining? What will my spares turnover be? Is there an optimum replacement moment?
  • How to deal with smaller numbers? Weibayes, setting up a test plan. Must everything be tested to the end of its lifespan? What are the alternatives?
  • Crow-AMSAA reliability growth analysis. Trend analysis of guarantee dates, your machinery, production process. Accurate and timely programme decisions; measure the effects
  • Management aspects. Mentality, strategy, implementation, monitoring, training. Your role in implementing RMS Engineering in your firm’s strategy

Practical information.

For whom

The One Day Workshop Reliability is a professional, intensive one-day workshop. Intended for senior management and engineers working in R&D, test departments or project management who will supervise or carry out the reliability programme within a company.


At the end of the session, the participants will receive a declaration of participation.

Location & Dates

Eindhoven – High Tech Campus 29

Dates 2022
September 28th

Group size
A maximum of 12 participants

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