Risk management & FMEA seminar

In collaboration with ASML

15 September 2022

ASML Visitor Center Veldhoven

How to apply good risk management practices, including Failure Mode & Effect Analyzes, Statistical Process Control and Feedback loops?

Companies are being challenged by the increasing complexity of technology and the demand of high-quality products that do not fail. This makes identifying and mitigating risks in an early stage of development essential for product quality, performance and longer lifetime.

However, applying good risk management practices and using tools such as Failure Mode and Effect Analyzes (FMEA), often in combination with Statistical Process Control (SPC) and “lessons learned” feedback loops, for product and process development can be challenging.

How do you implement and maintain such important processes? What are typical pitfalls? And what are the key parameters for success? These and other questions will be addressed at the Risk management & FMEA seminar, jointly organized Holland Innovative and ASML.

We believe that sharing knowledge about the best risk management methods between companies is beneficial for all participants. 

We would like to create a platform where subject matter experts share and gain knowledge from each other by connecting specialists via an internet platform and periodic seminars.

Our target audience for this seminar are specialists involved in daily risk management and who apply risk inventory tools such as FMEA, SRA, SPC and feedback loops.

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