HI-PP5 Course Master Black Belt

From project leader to driver of organizational development and expert in the process and product improvement | 6 days

The Master Black Belt course offers a practical, solution-rich program built around three themes: the design of an improvement program, managing the improvement effort and theoretical understanding of product and process improvement.

Organizational development and continuous improvement have become crucial in modern companies. Organizations no longer compete on processes themselves, but on the ability to continually improve them. Companies initiate improvement programs such as Six Sigma, Lean and Design for Reliability. However it is challenging to deploy such programs successfully. A Master Black Belt plays a key role in turning improvement programs into a success.

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About the course Master Black Belt

During the course Master Black Belt you will develop practical skills in three areas: the design of an improvement program, managing the improvement effort and theoretical understanding of product and process improvement. Topics are offered in the form of interactive workshops based on video material and role play. The theory is brought to life by case-based teaching methods.

Subjects of the course Master Black Belt

  •  Introduction: What do Master Black Belts?
  • Operations strategy: Focusing on design and improvement efforts by a strategy
  •  Human dynamics, organizational behavior and leadership: ‘How to get things done when working with people?’
  • Project management and program design: How to organize and structure Six Sigma initiatives in the organization?
  • Factory physics: Process analytics, getting flow in development and production processes, competing on speed
  • Project reviews and coaching of Green Belts and Black Belts: an important instrument in the Master Black Belt hands
  • Structuring complex and messy problems: The pyramid principle
  • Six Sigma & Data Science: The next level in Six Sigma?
  • Selling the initiative: Entrepreneurship & dealing with the organization’s management
  • Lean innovation: An innovation roadmap on multiple horizons

Results of the course Master Black Belt

Upon completion of the Master Black Belt course, participants:

  • Are able to design and lead a sound implementation strategy for a Six Sigma, Lean or Reliability program
  • Master practical skills such as coaching Green Belts and Black Belts, winning support in the organization and getting things done
  • Have a practical understanding of the scientific fields on which Six Sigma and Lean are based, such as industrial and systems engineering, Data Science and statistical learning

For whom

The course aims at experienced Black Belts and project managers who want to grow further into a role as Master Black Belt or program manager. Experience in a role as Black Belt or similar position is a prerequisite.

Setup course

The course consists of 3 modules of 2 days from 9.00 to 17.00.

Locations, dates & schedule

This training is offered in our 1.5-meter classrooms, online or hybrid. Moreover, we have both in-company as free enrollment possibilities.

Location: Eindhoven – High Tech Campus 29

Dates 2021
Location: Eindhoven

Investment course

The investment for the Masterclass is €4.650 per participant, excluding VAT. Included are the 6 course days, extensive course materials, daily lunch and refreshments.


Prof. Jeroen de Mast
Scientific Director at Holland Innovative, Academic Director at JADS (Jheronimus Academy of Data Science) and Professor at the University of Waterloo (Canada)

Certificate / diploma

The Master Black Belt course offers access to the Master Black Belt certification program of HI Academy. The requirements for certification include: completed certification to the level of Black Belt, sufficient teaching, coaching and leadership experience. In addition a contribution to the Six Sigma, Lean or Reliability community.

Method of teaching

The course is offered as an in-class course, but any other form is open for negotiation. We are able to offer offline, online and hybrid courses.

Group size

Maximum group size: 18 participants

Holland Innovative offers the possibility to acquire a HI Master Black Belt certification. Candidates are evaluated based on the following criteria:  

  1. The candidate is certified as a Black Belt by an acceptable certification party
  2. The candidate has sufficient experience in supporting and reviewing improvement projects
  3. The candidate has made contributions to the Lean, Six Sigma or Reliability communities by delivering presentations or authoring publications
  4. The candidate has sufficient experience in teaching workshops or courses in Lean, Six Sigma or Reliability
  5. The candidate has completed the Master Black Belt Masterclass

Participants who have followed the 6-day training will receive proof of participation

Training advice?

Would you like to receive more information about this course? Our program managers can tell you more about it! You can reach them from Monday till Friday from 08:30 till 17:00.

T: +31 (0)40 851 4610
E: academy@holland-innovative.nl

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