Quality of life as driving force

Holland Innovative is an expanding business that specialises in project management, product and process development and reliability engineering for a broad range of customers. Founder Hans Meeske says: “I am driven by my passion for open innovation. Open innovation entails connecting, sharing and, together, achieving results that matter. In this way we would like to improve the quality of life. Quality of life is a broad concept. It involves robust products that add real value to people’s lives, but equally it applies to the well-being of employees and the opportunity to develop themselves.”

Product development process
The world is changing rapidly and that means that the lifecycle of products is becoming ever shorter. In order to keep abreast of this it is important to think deeply about the products even in the design phase. They need to be as reliable as possible, have the potential to be brought to the market quickly, and, above all, they need to meet the expectations and requirements of the customer. On the basis of proven statistics, Holland Innovative has built a house that rests on three fundamental principles: Project management, Design for Six Sigma and Design for Reliability. This house ensures the optimization of the product development process and project managers, engineers and developers are trained and coached during implementation programmes. There is intensive collaboration with renowned European universities and research institutes.

Innovative start-ups
The experts at Holland Innovative are the best in their fields of expertise or they want to be the best. Holland Innovative was founded in 2006 and has now grown considerably, with more than 30 employees who are not only active in Europe, but also in America and Asia. They work on innovative projects for clients using all their knowledge and experience. In addition, training courses are given so that the knowledge is successfully maintained. Furthermore, they have the scope to work on their own innovative projects and start-ups.

Blue Innovation Center and HighTechXL Plaza
Holland Innovative is the initiator of the Blue Innovation Center in Venlo and the HighTechXL Plaza on the High Tech Campus in Eindhoven. Both are innovation centres for the cross- fertilisation and continuous development of start-ups and new innovations. Holland Innovative is a participant in various innovative start-ups, such as Flora Fluids, Pulseform and LabTap. We employ the knowledge and the network developed in this way for speeding up the innovations of our clients.

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Hans Meeske
General Director