Data Science for Smart Industry

Industrial companies are gathering masses of data on a daily basis but struggle to get the most value out of it. Transition to Smart Industry by intelligent use of Data Science and gain a competitive advantage by bridging the gaps between engineering, business and data science.

Data collection on an ever-increasing scale and granularity are totally changing the competitive game in manufacturing, thereby posing challenges for companies to catch up, and creating opportunities for those who understand and know how to use the new possibilities.

The JADS Data Science for Smart Industry program that has been created with Holland Innovative aims at educating data-science professionals for industry. Participants learn to combine understanding of the dynamics of production systems with understanding of business value and modern possibilities created by data analytics and IT. Participants will discover an ocean of new opportunities to produce new kinds of products and with new kinds of production systems that are more reliable, flexible and efficient.
Help make the transition to Smart Industry a reality as a data science professional! 

Join the Information evening on the 19th of March

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