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Taking the stress out of regulatory compliance: the Do's and Don'ts for MedTech professionals

Medical technology is one of the most heavily regulated industries, both in terms of quality and compliance. It’s also an industry that’s constantly evolving, with new laws emerging all the time. Want to take the stress out of regulatory compliance? Then make sure to watch the replay below!

Lisanne Karbaat, Project Manager Medical Devices at Holland Innovative, gave a talk at Health Valley last month about the do’s and don’ts to keep in mind while navigating regulatory compliance for MedTech. She gave an introduction to the European medical legislation, with useful do's and don'ts for MedTech manufacturers and entrepreneurs.

Some topics that she addressed during this workshop were:

  • What is CE-certification and why do you need it as a manufacturer?
  • What do you need as a company to comply with the law? Key requirements from the new medical device legislations
  • What is your place in the value chain; manufacturer, distributor, end-user. And what are the legal responsibilities that come with it?

Is this something that is relevant for you, but you unfortunately missed the event? You can watch Lisanne's full workshop here: