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Entrepreneurial Innovation: new book combines innovation power of techno starter, SME and corporate

Author Ivo Aarninkhof shows the untapped opportunities for innovative entrepreneurs thanks to his extensive experience in business and as a volunteer.

Every entrepreneur wants to bring his innovation to the market successfully. But why do about 90% of the initiatives fail to do so? Why is it so difficult to bring an innovative idea to fulfillment worldwide? And how does that specifically work for techno startups, SME's and large corporates?

Author Ivo Aarninkhof uses his experience in all those branches of entrepreneurship for a roadmap that has value for innovations at startups, SME's and large corporations. To bring the three greats together as a "Trias Entrepreneurias", Aarninkhof builds a foundation with elements as vision in user needs, critical parameters and measurement system analyses

The unique part of this book - especially for those who really want to get started - is in the way in which the tough management aspects are mixed with the soft characteristics, that Aarninkhof also got from his experience in the world of volunteering. Precisely by bringing together these seemingly separated worlds the author creates a very welcome innovation in the theories of innovation and change management. With that he shows how with a thought out methodolgy crucial steps can be made to bring innovations to the market in a better and more reliable way. The book makes the reader think about one's own motives and offers new insights to innovate differently. But it also shows how important the "culture of volunariness" is for successful innovations.

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“My hope is that because of this book you will have more time besides your work as innovator, project leader, civil servant or entrepreneur to volunteer for society and your loved ones. It is the combination of all these factors that will help us move forward as a society and create a bring and innovative future for our children and grandchildren.”

-Ivo Aarninkhof


Ivo Aarninkhof (1974) is a father, and husband, and was educated as an engineer and business administrator. For many years he worked for Philips both in the Netherlands and abroad. Since 2011 Aarninkhof has been an entrepreneur and involved in innovation and product development management in medtech and high-tech industries. He is also passionately committed as a volunteer. At the moment he is co-owner of Holland Innovative.

More information

The Dutch version of the book ‘Ondernemend Innoveren’ is available at  www.boekengilde.nl/boekenshop or via www.bol.com. For more information, contact ivo.aarninkhof@holland-innovative.nl or www.holland-innovative.nl/.