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Lean Innovation

In the era of Industry 4.0, developments go fast and disruptions are continuous. The view that under such uncertainty, innovation cannot be managed and entrepreneurs are best off adopting a just-do-it attitude, is simplistic. Rather, entrepreneurs need new management methods that deliver speed, agility and adaptivity.

The principles of Lean offer practical ways of creating flow and cadence in innovation processes, and they promote fast learning cycles in which assumptions about markets and new products are quickly tested to reality and the learnings captured for future re-use.

In the interactive masterclass participants will practice with tools such as the business-model canvas and the value-proposition canvas, and learn how to apply them in a learning-oriented and inquiry-based innovation process. Participants will learn to recognize the inherent challenges in executing current business models and pursuing breakthrough innovations (ambidexterity).

Prof. Dr. Jeroen de Mast will host the masterclass and workshop which will be held on May 15.

At Holland Innovative, Jeroen is responsible for the Master Black Belt (MBB) Masterclass, a training in practical competencies where experienced Black Belts and program managers learn how to turn improvement programs into a success. Next to this, Jeroen is working with a broad array of customers to inspire and help them implement Lean principles within their organization.

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