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Holland Innovative’s Introduction to Process Mining teaches you to make sense of your data - and improve your process

Process Mining is like taking an x-ray of your production process. Sometimes, as a manufacturer, you need to know what actually happens inside your processes. You have all the data in your IT systems, but it’s always hard to make sense of it. That’s where process mining comes in.

Optimize performance, control deviations, or explore variations: to get a real grip on your processes, you need to know exactly what’s happening inside them. From the outside, this often only becomes visible when something is wrong. Process mining can automate this effort, so every potential optimization comes within reach.

Holland Innovative offers a new one-day training program in which participants get a concise introduction to Process Mining. In collaboration with Fluxicon, these topics will be addressed:

- Basics of process mining, how is it linked to DMAIC, DFSS, RCA, and PM;

- Automated process discovery, let Disco do the modeling and focus on the analysis

- Process map animation, see your process come to life and spot bottlenecks;

- Detailed statistics, all information you will ever need about your log;

- Hands-on training using two use cases, one from industry, and one from MedTech;

- Filters, to drill down into your data fast;

- Project management, keeping even large projects under control;

- Includes a 2-month training license for Disco.

Fluxicon’s support guarantees access to the revolutionary process mining technology Disco, which helps you to create beautiful visual maps from your process data in minutes, not weeks. Just pick your desired level of abstraction, choose from six process metric visualizations projected on your map, and create filters directly from activities or paths. No matter how large or complex your process is, Disco will help you make sense of it.

The new training is led by Holland Innovative’s Sjoerd de Vries, who has gained long-term international experience as a process consultant, data scientist, and continuous improvement leader for complex high-impact projects. His focus on fact-based decisions enabling breakthrough improvements has made him aware of the crucial role of process mining. He has used the technology for many clients and partners; the experience he gained throughout his career is now shared in the new training.

“It’s all about what we expect in this so-called ‘desired process’ that every manufacturer has”, Sjoerd says. “By visualizing the whole process with the data already in the system, paths are uncovered that you couldn’t have thought of without Disco. Congestions are made visible, as well as potential improvements. After you know what process mining can bring your organization, I’m sure you wish you had discovered it earlier.”

Training details:

- Date: 9 February 2023

- Time 9:00 - 17:00

- Location: High Tech Campus 29, Eindhoven

- Group size: 12 – 15

- Cost: €495,- (ex BTW)

If you are interested in following this new training, then register via email academy@holland-innovative.nl