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Free workshop data driven pitch management at the Johan Cruijff ArenA

The sports industry is changing rapidly. More and more technical innovations are finding their way, also to football (soccer). The Johan Cruijff ArenA in Amsterdam is one of the most innovative stadiums in the world. Holland Innovative has been a long-term partner in developing sensor technology that helps to maintain the perfect pitch in the ArenA. 

Our amibition is to make this technology available for all sports fields, sport clubs and field managers, so everyone can have a perfect pitch while saving on energy and water expenditures. 

In order for us to reach this ambition, we need your input. 

We want to map out how much data is used in football and where there are opportunities for growth. We will share the results with you in the form of a Whitepaper Technology in Sports Fields.


  • 91% of players believe there is a direct link between the quality of the pitch and the risk of injury.
  • Canceling matches due to poor pitches costs the Premier League over 1 million euros every year.
  • Field management can be done with 30% less use of water, energy and fertilizers.
  • A data-driven approach can support clubs in this.

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Later this year, we will organise a data-driven Pitch Management Workshop for all participants in the Johan Cruijf Arena FOR FREE. A unique insight behind the scenes in one of the most innovative stadiums in the world.