Experts address reliability in the high-tech manufacturing industry during interactive Reliability Seminar

Eight speakers, representing leading giants of the high-tech industry, will engage in conversation with enthusiasts.

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The time has almost come to host the Reliability Seminar from Holland Innovative. During the interactive event on October 14th, leading experts, insiders and enthusiasts will come together to share knowledge in the field of data science and reliability. Mass manufacturers, data scientists and project leaders: “Everyone is energized by this event to take the next steps in the field of data science”, says Elly van den Bliek, Senior Reliability & Functional Safety Specialist at Holland Innovative.

Owing to the corona crisis, the event has been a while in coming, but it is finally here. During the seminar, the latest innovation trends around highly relevant contemporary themes will be discussed, namely data science, reliability and root cause analysis. Numerous experts from the high-tech manufacturing industry will have their say. They will represent leading national and international giants in the industry such as ASML, Siemens Gamesa, Canon Production Printing and Sensata Technologies.

The seminar will take place on the High Tech Campus in Eindhoven, in the technology-oriented region where such themes tend to take center stage and converge. The seminar includes a mix of presentations, panel discussions and networking opportunities. After participants have settled in, the experts get to speak first, followed by a panel discussion in which all speakers will interact with the audience. There will be plenty of opportunities for new collaborations. Click here for more details about the program.

Elly-van-den-Bliek-400x400 Elly van den Bliek will kick things off with a welcome speech and is pleased that the event is finally taking place. “The speakers have a lot of practical experience and back up their presentations with interesting cases from the field. I’m delighted that the event can once again take place in person, so that people can fully interact with each other and ask each other questions.”



‘Information is worth its weight in gold’

According to Van den Bliek, the central themes – data science, reliability and root cause analysis – are very pertinent in these times. “You can see that a lot of data is being collected by companies and agencies. But what is the next step? What can you do with your data? Oftentimes, that collected information is worth its weight in gold.” For example, companies can see how customers interact with products. And, in the case of the high tech industry, monitoring can also be done to gain insight into various parameters, ranging from temperature to voltages.

Leading experts have their say


Eight different speakers will be sharing their vision. One of the keynote speakers is Martin Dazer, director of RelTest Solutions and head of the Institute for Machine Components at the University of Stuttgart. He will share his perspective on using smart data in reliability assurance and product design.

The second keynote speaker is Tiedo Tinga, Professor of Dynamics based Maintenance at the Faculty of Engineering Technology, University of Twente. He is an expert in the field of detecting and predicting malfunctions in systems and will discuss predictive maintenance for large, complex systems.

A third authoritative speaker is Anders Gottfred Aaen, Senior Key Expert at wind turbine manufacturer Siemens Gamesa: world leader in renewable energy technology. He will be talking about data-driven and sustainable solutions surrounding energy. Reliability and predictive capability are concepts that recur in several presentations.

ASML: production and predictions

Predictions are very important in ASML’s large production machines, for example. “When these machines need servicing, they are sometimes at a standstill for days,” says Van den Bliek. “Then you lose millions of euros in terms of production. A lot of money is involved, so you use reliability to predict the status of a product or machine: can it last a while, or is it in need of maintenance?” Guest speaker Maarten de Leuw, Project Manager at ASML, will delve deeper into the subject.

The automotive industry

In the automotive industry, too, predictive capability has become increasingly important. Van den Bliek explains, “Imagine you have a car whose dashboard light starts flashing every so many thousand kilometers because it is in need of maintenance. If you were to make optimal use of the data that is collected in the car using sensors and then apply data science to it, you would be able to make a much better estimate of what the state of the car really is. Then you can make a better assessment of whether that maintenance is really necessary.” Jeroen van Rijt, Director Global Validation Engineering at Inalfa Roof Systems Group, will be speaking about the automotive industry, solar roofs and analyzing data from field research.

Urging everyone to get started

Van den Bliek hopes the seminar will encourage attendees to start working with data science more confidently. “We’re bringing together people from many different fields: mass manufacturers, data technologists and project managers. All these people together have a lot of competencies. Sharing knowledge and experiences with each other is incredibly energizing.”

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