HI-PM4 Survival Crash Course in Idea Generation

The language of ideas: professional idea generation and idea development

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With this course you’ll learn:

  • The language of ideas and to use ideas as a default intermediate thinking step in dealing with open-ended projects and on-the-job complexity
  • To discover your highly intelligent right brain and uncover your unique signature thinking style
  • To combine creative thinking, critical thinking, and complex problem solving to become independent in your original thinking

Teaching professionals.

Marijn van der Poll

Marijn van der Poll

Industrial designer, strategic advisor, design lecturer and partner at design firm vanderPolloffice
His work is part of the collections of amongst others the Victoria & Albert Museum in London and the San Francisco MOMA. He advises governmental organizations like the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure on social design and innovation. He is a former ambassador of the internationally renowned Dutch Design Week and a permanent faculty member at the Design Academy Eindhoven. He holds a BA in Industrial Design from the Design Academy and a MSc from the University of Nebraska.

Course information

  • Eindhoven
  • 2 modules of 2/3 days


The investment is €2.250 (excl. VAT) per participant.

Included are weekly group meetings with the instructor, book, use of the private course platform and a certificate of completion

About Survival Crash Course in Idea Generation

Your left brain has received over 20 years of training developing clever tools such as math, language, and science. However, your right brain has received zero years of training. 
Therefore when faced with every day, open-ended, slightly more complex questions, we often end up staring at a canvas or clutching small pieces of sticky yellow paper.
For all of the business processes that deal with complex issues, we have overlooked the fundamental element of it all, 'the idea'.
Generating and developing ideas is not a mystical talent but a common skill with a finely tuned instrument, you. This course will show you how to harness the power of ideas. In short, it will ensure your career survival.

Course: Survival Crash Course in Idea Generation


The goal of the course is to enable you to apply your personal idea-ing skills to complex issues as well as daily operations. From meetings to new projects as well as strategic and creative processes. It will allow you to direct your original thinking, improving your ability to generate powerful ideas. Finally, you will be equipped with a common language of ideas.



Survival Crash Course in Idea Generation

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What you’ll learn.

Course buildup and blocks

What you'll learn with the course


We teach in small groups with lots of interaction between participants as well as personal feedback.
  • Weekly 1,5 hour online class with the instructor containing both theory and exercises
  • Weekly open and live Q&A sessions
  • A shared learning experience with other professionals
  • In-depth final assignment of your choice, where you apply your idea-ing skills to your field of expertise
  • Online course platform to share learnings or connect with others, filled with supplementary material



1. Introduction to the course: On the job idea-ing survival instruction: affirming our commitment to you
2. What isn’t the definition of an idea
3. Language of ideas and our collective idea dyslexia
4. Growing up with ideas
5. There is no team in ‘I’ and doing away with groupthink
6. The idea breakdown in 3 parts
7. Part 1 - Input and out of the box inquiring
8. Part 2- Exploration and directing your original thinking
9. Part 3- Pressure testing your ideas
10. Final assignment
11. Final assignment continued
12. Presentation




Practical information.

For whom

This is a universal skills training for professionals; it is not specifically targeted at creatives. You have increased autonomy in your work and that autonomy comes with responsibility. That includes being responsible for complex projects and open ended assignments. The key to processing these complex issues is the idea. Developing ideas is not a talent but a skill equally useful to a systems engineer, a civil servant or a sales professional.


After completing the full training, you will receive proof of participation.  




Location & Dates

Online meetings
Dates 2022

You can apply until March 28, the course starts 21 April.

 Group size 

A maximum of 15 participants 

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